Quotes This is the 2nd consecutive year that I've sought out Amanda to do my tattoos. Last year I saw her work on this page after doing a quick area search for while I was on vacation, and I was so pleased with the outcome of the 2 she did for me and 1 for my mom, that I decided it was well worth the 15 block walk past numerous other shops with henna signs to where she works to have another custom one done this year (and it is gorgeous!). I started doing henna myself about a month ago, and as an artist, you don't just go to anyone else to do art stuff for you, you go to who you believe has the skill to your vision, and Amanda can do it. She takes pride in well-done tattoos and freestyles her art very well. She even came in on her day off to meet me because it was the only day I could stop in while in town! The only neg (which is not any reflection on her) was that the shop she works in is outrageously warm, her counter is right in the front window, so I was sweating, so it took longer to dry Quotes
fellow artist and returning customer

Quotes I was extremely pleased with the artwork. She is a very talented and professional individual. Quotes
M. Lokai
satisfied customer

Quotes we had a party and everyone enjoyed her work even the people that just watched well worth the money she did everything from kids desings ,trible,and beatifull art work hope you enjoy her tallent and friendly proffessional services Quotes

Quotes Really good work. I enjoyed it. She is really passionate about what she does. She is really nice too. Quotes
Kelsey cooper